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Cranberry Chia Jam

I cannot get enough cranberries for some reason this season! I crave them. It all started around Thanksgiving with my Hall of Fame Cranberry Sauce, which was so good that I started putting it on my…


Sweet Tart Smoothie

I call this a Sweet Tart Smoothie because that is exactly what I thought it tasted like!  How fun is it that a green smoothie can taste like candy?! The sweet/tart flavor comes from  Aronia Berry.…

mason jar of cinnamon maple iced latte

Cinnamon Maple Iced Latte

I recently was given an awesome hand-me-down espresso maker,(thanks Dad & Pam!) and I have been having great fun with it.  My latest concoction is this delicious Cinnamon Maple Iced Latte. If you don’t have an…


Cupcake Decorating Birthday Party

My daughter turned 11 years old on August 27th, and we had a super fun cupcake decorating party for her.  She invited a handful of friends, and we celebrated out at Grandpa and Grandma’s pool house.…