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tomato and cucumber

Square Foot Garden Update

I am seriously behind in updating you on the progress of my Square Foot Garden!  It has been another great year of watching tiny seeds and seedlings become big beautiful plants full of heathy goodness for…

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Square Foot Garden 2014

I have been in gardening heaven lately.  My Mother-in-Law came and weeded all my landscape beds which left me time to do the fun stuff–like get my square foot garden going!  Our little yard is slowly…


Growing Herbs In A Square Foot Garden

  I have so enjoyed my herbs in our Square Foot Garden this year.  I have been using them like crazy and   it makes me feel very Martha Stewart!  I bought transplants of all of…


My Square Foot Garden Progress

Square foot gardening is one of the BEST projects I have ever done.  I cannot tell you how much joy it is to grow fresh herbs and vegetables with minimal amount of work!  I have two,…


My Favorite Funky Plants

I have a thing for funky looking plants.  Especially when they are super easy to take care of!  These are both perennial plants that I put in pots in my backyard.  This is the second year…


Time To Garden!

I started a Square Foot Garden last year and loved every minute of the process.  I am very eager to get out there and plant some seeds, its about that time!   I will be growing…