We have had so much fun with our Vegetable Spiralizer!  We have had it now for almost a year and I can’t tell you how it has transformed the way we eat raw veggies around here.  So often kids won’t eat vegetables because of the shape and texture, so what better way to get them munching than by changing the shape and even the texture of the vegetable?
I recently made a fun, spiralized vegetable lunch for my girls.  I spiralized carrots, sweet potatoes, and cucumber.  I cut up some strawberries and made a quick egg salad for egg salad sandwiches.  I even reheated some beans from our dinner the night before.  We try to eat the rainbow as much as possible, to get in as many phytonutrients and antioxidants as possible, and this colorful lunch had us doing just that.  My Avery loved that I made a fun face for her lunch, it brought on the smiles.

Eating vegetables in their raw state is much more healthful than cooked– in most cases.  I have found that certain vegetables are more appealing for my kids palate if they are in fun shapes and set out in bowls, ready to eat.

Leftover spiralized veggies are great on salads or in wraps.
You can turn raw zucchini into pasta.  Top with tomato sauce.

The back of the box shows you the many ways you can use the spiralizer.  It is really easy to use and super easy to clean.

My sweet friend Erin from Home With The Boys recently put a picture up on her Instagram that caught my eye.  She has the same spiralizer and turned her sweet potato in to spirals.  She then tossed them in a little olive oil, sprinkled a bit of salt, and baked at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes, or until brown and crispy.  They looked delicious! The above is the ‘before’ picture. We have spiralized our sweet potatoes and eaten them raw, but have yet to try them baked.  I plan on doing it this weekend! Erin has lots of awesome ideas, so take a look at her great blog. She is an inspiration to me & I love knowing her…you will too!
What do you think?  Does this appeal to you?  Do you think your kids would get into making their veggies spin and spiral?  If you are interested in getting your own, use this link and I will get a small percentage for passing it on to you.
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