The Organically Clean Home

If you have been around New Nostalgia for very long, then you already know I am a huge fan of Clean Mama. She has changed my cleaning world with her homemaking advice and awesome printables, and now she is doing it again.   I am so excited to tell you that Rebecca Rapinchuk aka Clean Mama just released a book called The Organically Clean Home and you are going to love it!

When I got my copy in the mail and opened the package, I just beamed with pride at this beautiful book that Clean Mama wrote.  It really is a great book to look at, which made me happy because I love pretty books sitting around –especially if they motivate me to clean! I wouldn’t expect anything less from Clean Mama, as she has always done everything with such a clean, simple beauty.

This book really is the end all in homemade cleaning products.  It has 150 everyday organic cleaning products you can make yourself–all natural and chemical free!  It is meant to be a resource, not read from cover to cover, but I found myself doing just that.  I was amazed at all the different recipes from Lemon & Clove Hardwood Floor Cleaner to Peppermint Glass and Mirror Wipes.

I made the Citrus Carpet Freshener recipe, and oh MY it smelled so good in here after vacuuming.  I put the recipe in the above shaker jar, marked it with cute  washi tape, and now I look forward to vacuuming again.  Only Clean Mama can make THAT happen.  I am going to use the second jar with the pour-flap lid to make Lemon & Clove Nightly Sink scrub. The recipe is listed link below.

Photo: Clean Mama

I am going to make a cleaning caddy, just like the one in the picture above, which she writes about here.  I cannot wait to gather my supplies and start making all these wonderful recipes to use while spring cleaning.

Here are a couple ideas and cleaning recipes Clean Mama has shared from the book:

Get this book.  I can’t speak highly enough of it and I just know you all will love it as much as I do.  It is only $10 and it is worth every penny, and will pay for itself in no time with all the money you will save by making your own natural cleaning products. You can order it through Amazon, or it is at Barnes and Noble nationwide.

Have you ever made your own cleaning products?

Interested in Essential Oils for those homemade cleaning products?  I recommend doTERRA brand.

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Finally, An Honest Company!

The honest company logo
I’m pretty excited about a company that I have learned about called The Honest Company.  You may have already heard about it, as it has created quite a buzz in the non-toxic, eco-friendly world.  It is the company founded by the beautiful Jessica Alba.
I am always looking for products that are safe for my family.  The fewer chemicals, the better. So when I heard that this company started with a parent who was looking for the same thing, I was very interested in their products!
The Honest Company did not disappoint.  I have found their  non-toxic, eco-friendly products  are beautiful, effective and affordable.  Even their packaging is beautiful, yet environmentally friendly.

The Honest Company brochures

Are you a Mom of a little one in diapers?  I sure wish these were around when I had such wee ones.

Honest Company diapers

Is your child potty training? Then you might be more interested in these:
Potty Training with Honest Company 
The have product bundles–diapers and wipes, a line of cleaning products & personal care products–that you can have delivered directly to your front door.  Click here to learn more.