9 Ways To Use Jars To Spring Organize And Spring Clean

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If you have been reading New Nostalgia, then you know I have a love affair with mason jars.  Why do I love them?  So many reasons!
~They come in many sizes
~They are inexpensive
~They are not plastic
~They are simplistic in design
~They are glass, which does not keep me guessing on what and how much is inside of them!
~They have a gazillion different uses!
I think the understated mason jar is just perfect, and are the perfect example of something from yesterday that can simplify today, which goes right along with the title of this blog, New Nostalgia.
I was recently super inspired by Real Simple magazine & a picture I saw in it. They used my beloved mason jars to organize, but made them even better by using chalkboard stick-on labels.  I think the nostalgia of chalk goes great with the nostalgia of mason jars, and together they make such an appealing look!  Those labels would be the perfect purchase to keep my motivation up to organize, which is perfect as spring is coming and I have got the urge to get everything in its place and spring clean!
Are you a fan of Real Simple magazine?  How about Cooking Light magazine?  They are 2 of my personal favorite magazines, and right now if you buy the April issues of both magazines at Target, you will receive a $5.00 Target gift card from the cashier while supplies last. I got mine and I was giddy excited to get home, relax and read my new magazines!
Here are 9 ways that I’m already using mason jars to make life a bit more simple & organized:
1. Use them as drinking glasses.This Iced Tangerine Mint Green Tea look so beautiful in them!  I also love just simple lemon water in them, and I use them almost daily for green smoothies!

2. Store craft supplies.

Mason jars are great for storing craft supplies, especially DIY Scented Gel Paints!  I like to use the small size jars to round up small craft supplies –like googly eyes and buttons.

3. Use for DIY gifting.

Jars are the perfect container for a large batch of DIY homemade gifts. They keep great in storage to grab and gift when in need!  I love having this Peppermint Stick Hot Cocoa Mix on hand during the holiday months.

4. Use to store leftover foods.

I personally despise stained plastic containers, and REALLY do not like searching for the right lid for the container!  If you use mason jars, there are only 2 lid sizes.  I throw all my lids and rings for the lids in a big bowl for storage.  No more stained plastic.  No more searching for the right lid.

5. Use for food storage in the pantry.

I love the look of jars in the pantry.  Small jars are great for herbs.  Larger jars are great for grains.  They stack nicely and look so pretty!

6. Use for food storage in the freezer.I use jars to freeze leftovers or my some of my favorite large-batch recipes, like this Strawberry Freezer Jam or my favorite Pepper Onion Relish. The smaller pint size jars are great for stacking and fitting a lot of food in a small freezer.

7. Use them to organize your healthy eating and motivate you to eat more plants!

Turn your refrigerator into a work of art where you family will want to come, snack on a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and get excited about it!  I don’t know about you, but when my veggies are prepped and staring at me through the glass of the jar, it makes me grab and eat!  Jars also make your veggies super portable.  On the go in a rush?  Grab a jar and go!

8. Use for utensil storage.

I love keeping my wooden clips in a mason jar.  I also keep straws in open jars to grab quick for smoothies.

9. Organize your salad ingredients.

Use them to create an at-home salad bar that stays fresh and beautiful for days in the refrigerator!  You can easily put a ready-to-eat layered salad in a jar that will keep for days — just make sure you put the salad dressing at the bottom.  When I have all my salad toppings in jars and ready to go, it makes my goal of eating a big, leafy green salad at least once a day very do-able.  Don’t forget to grab the jars of slivered nuts, dried cranberries & sesame sticks in the pantry to sprinkle on top and make your salad on to look forward to!


I hope these images of beautiful magazines and beautiful jars motivate you to do some of your own spring organizing and cleaning.  Remember to spring clean your bodies by eating good foods, too!

Don’t forget to grab your April copies of Cooking Light and Real Simple, and your free $5.00 gift card.

Happy Spring!

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DIY Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

{by Teniel Moore-Raw Foods Contributor}

Who loves coconuts as much as I do?
They are so versatile, there is so much you can make with them, and they are so good for you.
Today I’m going to share with you my super easy, DIY coconut yogurt, that will have you asking yourself why you have not been making it yourself before this
Why make your own?
Well, why pay a fortune for some gourmet coconut yogurt in the shops when you can DIY?
Plus the fun bonus of making it & flavouring it however your heart desires.
This is a great substitute if you are on a dairy- free diet or perhaps you’re vegan. Its also great for some extra probiotics, without all the extra sugars the store bought ones contain. So lets get started.
What you will need:
~ Sterile glass jar with lid (mason jar works well)
~ 2- 3 thai young coconuts
~ 2 probiotic capsules
~ Some muscle for opening your coconut
~ High speed blender
~ dehydrator (optional) this will speed up the process but is not necessary
~ Open up your young thai coconuts however works best for you. I love to throw them down hard on our cement drive till they crack open. The kids always want to get involved in this part. Or you could be more civilised and use a clever to open them up. A little tip is to have a container handy so that you catch any coconut water that might run out as your cracking it open.
~ Drain all the coconut water out of the coconuts and set aside.
~ Scoop out all the coconut flesh (sometimes called coconut meat)
~ Place all of the coconut flesh from 2 – 3 coconuts into your high speed blender along
   with 1/4 cup of the coconut water and the 2 probiotic capsules. Just break them open
   and pour them in.
I like my coconut yogurt thick so I only add 1/4 cup of the coconut water.  Start with that amount and add more if needed. If you are using 3 coconuts you might need to add a little more coconut water.
~ Blend until smooth thick & creamy
~ Pour your coconut mix into a sterilised glass bottle with the lid on. Sit out on the counter in a warmish spot for at least 8 hours or overnight.   (If you have a dehydrator pop the glass jar with lid into the dehydrator ((taking out all the trays so it can fit in nicely))  This works like a charm on 100 degrees for 5 hours.)
~ You will know your coconut yogurt is ready as it will have that slight tart taste to it that yogurt has.
~ Keep in the fridge & add what ever flavourings your heart desires. I like to keep
   my plain.
Also you can make your coconut yogurt savoury by adding things like chili sauce or garlic, lemon & dill. Like I always say ” your only limited by your imagination” so go for it.
I hope this has inspired you to try something new and get making your own dairy- free, sugar- free yogurt. Get the kids involved, they will love it!