Mothers Day

Mothers Day

A Great Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is really a great day for me.  I get permission to take the day off.  I get to let go of laundry, dishes, and making food.  I find this permission causes me to focus…

Love Mothers Day

Thank You, Mom.

I see you, Mother. You are mine. A gift. I take a minute to see of all the good in you, and it takes many minutes as one memory leads to another. Minutes tick, memories come,…

Mothers Day

Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Source: via New on Pinterest A free printable to wrap around those mothers day vases. Source: via New on Pinterest Put photocopies of your most treasured photos of you and your mom into vases…

Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

{one of my favorite Mother’s Day video’s} I am so very blessed to be a mom. I am soaking up every moment  and cherishing these precious little lives that God has gifted to me.  My girls…