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DIY Ring Cleaner Avoid Ring Finger Rash

DIY Ring Cleaner

Oh how I love my wedding ring that was chosen so carefully 20 years ago by my Todd, and oh how happy I am that this DIY Ring Cleaner works! I recently started getting a rash under my ring and it was driving me crazy! It was just underneath the area that my diamond sits and it was red, dry and had itchy little bumps. I had a feeling it was from gunk that had collected under my ring, as on each side of my diamond on the underneath part there are hollow areas in my wedding band. It is the perfect area for grime to accumulate. I was right. After using this DIY Ring Cleaner, I have been rash free.

DIY Wedding Ring Cleaner

diy ring cleaner using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

I wanted to make my own cleaner for several reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to go run an extra errand to pick up store-bought cleaner
  2. I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals
  3. I didn’t want to store it
  4. I didn’t want to spend the money

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